2016 Review : Flash Back

Today I going to review my experiences of last year. I am accessing all my good and bad decisions and trying to learn from them and hopefully moving forward for the better tomorrow. It was the worst year of my life. I went through so many bad news and somewhere I feel guilty deep down in my heart. I have learned few things from my mistakes and noticing a change in my behavior.

learning from failures

My Failures

I left my job in August as it was getting worst day by day. Leaving the job was a hard decision for me but the situations pushed me to do. For next 5 months, I had no work and earned nothing.I remember the words of my friend Harmeet that “ No one will help you in your bad time except your Family” and I am glad I have 2 families. Financial crises made us sell our home. This was a big jolt for me.

work hard and never give up

Turning Point

I came down to Delhi to find a job so that I could be able to help my parents.My friends helped me to find a job. Then I collaborated with one of my good friend and started our own freelancing web designing work and set up a hosting company as well. Meanwhile, we got an offer from a web designing agency and accepting that was again a mistake. We got distracted from our freelancing work. In between, I started working on my own Tech Blog and this was the one thing that made me happy. Then I got few graphic designing offers I took a decision to again started my own web designing Agency.

The starting months were not that good but brought me a Hope at the end.

2017 Resolutions

Starting this year with a good note, I am learning SEO, Content Marketing, and Affiliate Marketing. I have just completed all the cPanel tutorials, which you can read on my blog Techzib.com and soon I will publish a book on cPanel user guide. Also, planning to design 2 WordPress themes and a plugin and hopefully, I will be able to contribute my efforts to WordPress.

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